Gio Pro Sdn Bhd offers salon services, supplies hair-care products and conducts GREEN PERM® education. Our
company adheres to the philosophy of people foremost, supreme quality and mutual benefit.
At GREEN PERM® Hair Boutique, your hair becomes your crown and glory as nature intended. Here, we strive to
provide excellent Total Hair Management Services, which comprise Cut, Colour, Curl, Care and Control to our
clientele. Our greatest motivation is to restore and solve our clients recurring hair dye or perm problems.
Our FC3-HairFusionTechnique: Cut, Colour and Concept is a combination of the finest techniques from East
(Japan/Korea) to the West (UK/Europe). It caters especially to Asian hair and compliments each individual style.
Our prestigious GREEN PERM® creates wavy styles that are long lasting, natural, soft, smooth and bouncy. It
accentuates feminine beauty with a unique personality; highly manageable, thus saving you time, energy and cost.
Our home care product ‘TotalCurlSystem’, contains Mongongo Oil that is excellent for hair hydration and cell
renewal, the First in Malaysia.
Good things are meant to be shared. We also provide seminars and workshops as part of the package for salon
owners or enthusiasts who want to sharpen up perm and advanced hair techniques.

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